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Elevate your Agile Product Management skills with our comprehensive 2-day workshop.
Go beyond Scrum and master a range of methodologies to excel in your role!
Agile Product Management Coaching
Transform your product development journey with our expert coaching in Agile methodologies. Learn to build successful products, faster and more efficiently!
Agile Product Management Tools
Accelerate your project planning with our templates: Product Vision, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Canvas, and a Comprehensive Product Strategy Deck.
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What clients and colleagues say

I worked with Thomas building out our programmatic solution for digital publishers. Thomas is a deeply empathetic person, able to put himself in the shoes of both the end user and key stakeholders within the business. This makes him exceptional at coming up with solutions which work for developer and customer alike, which is obviously key to success for a Product Manager. Above all this, Thomas is collaborative, patient and good fun to work with.

Hannah Luckie

Thomas is a very competent and committed agile coach. He is result-oriented, analytical and disciplined and pays attention to the details of any work he performs. Furthermore he’s engaged, independent and critical and always speaks his mind with great integrity. His approach to any job he does will be based on a careful analysis and getting detailed knowledge about facts. He has great skills in Scrum, Kanban, Agile Project Management and also change management.

Anders Jonsson

Thomas is an excellent agile coach, product owner and development leader. I have learned a lot from Thomas. He is analytic and pragmatic, always thinking about the business as a whole, always improving the organisation and processes. I have hired Thomas twice and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I strongly recommend Thomas for any product development leadership role.

Ola Tiverman

Thomas worked in my team as an agile coach for a couple of years in the Agile Methods group at Volvo IT. It was a pleasure because he is easy to work with. What I appreciated the most was his pro-activeness, to the point attitude, sense of humor, attention to details without losing the big picture, and a deliver on-time attitude. As an agile coach he knows his trade and can connect to the real, messy world out there. He is an excellent instructor, handy with course material preparations, but he really shines when he is coaching a team in trouble. This was confirmed time after time based on customer feedback.

Steve Van Hoyweghen

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