Agile Product Management Training

This 2 day training teaches you the most important parts of successful agile product management. The focus is on ways of working to figure out how to deliver products and features that are successful in the market.
It is independent of development method and works equally well with Scrum, Kanban, SAFe or any other agile approach.
The training is structured around the Agile Product Management Framework with plenty of examples and discussions.


  • Product Manager / Product Owner role – what do you do?
  • Foundation – everything else builds on a solid foundation
    • How do we acquire Product and Domain knowledge?
    • Agile – managing products under uncertainty
    • Leadership and self-organizing teams
    • Communication, Collaboration and stakeholder management
    • Innovation – making the creative juices flow
    • Prioritization – the key to making money
  • Timing – different focus is required at different maturity levels of the product
    • Problem / Solution Fit
    • Product / Market Fit
    • Growth
    • Decline
  • Continuous Product Improvement
    • Vision
    • Strategy
    • Roadmap
    • How do we define Value?
    • Plan
    • Build User Experience
    • Release
    • Product Validation
  • Summary

Who should attend

This training is primarily targeted to Product Managers and Product Owners of software products.

You have worked a year or so in your role and you might have attended a Scrum Product Owner Training. You understand the basics of agile and want to take your knowledge to the next level and think about Product Management beyond managing Backlogs and Sprints.


Thomas Karlsson has 3 years experience working as Product Manager and has managed 4 different software products. The biggest was a very advanced product with around  100 man-years of development.

He has been an agile coach for 10 years and have extensive experience in  training and coaching teams, Product Owners and organizations in Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban and SAFe in a number of small and large companies.